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Episode #516 "Misty Mountain Hop" (Jackie's Cabin)


Jackie's having breakfast with the Formans. (Her dad's in jail, and her mom's in Mexico, so Kitty feels sorry for her.) Jackie announces that the bank's foreclosed on the family ski cabin, and she has to get everything out this weekend. Kitty volunteers herself and Red to help, while Red drafts Eric and Donna to pitch in also. Feeling that it's better for their relationship if she doesn't ask him to do stuff, Jackie tells Hyde she's spending the weekend at a doll expo. At the DMV, Hyde tells Fez that since Jackie's going to be gone, it would be a great time for the two of them plus Kelso to head up to Jackie's cabin for a weekend of drinking. The Formans, Jackie and Donna take off for the cabin with Red, Kitty and Jackie in the truck and Eric and Donna following. Red warns Jackie that she'd better keep her mouth shut! Hyde, Fez and Kelso are already at the cabin and all set for a mellow weekend. Kelso hid a stash there last summer, and now he just needs to remember where he put it. In the Vista Cruiser, Donna and Eric are enjoying their privacy, but they get so distracted that they lose track of the truck. Kelso's just found the stash, hidden in a stuffed bear head, and Fez has gone to buy beer, when the truck pulls in. The guys see Red and freak out. Eric and Donna are really lost, and Eric blames Donna for distracting him. Donna, ticked off, grabs a Twinkie that Eric's been saving and stuffs it in her mouth. Red, Kitty and Jackie go into the cabin, and Hyde and Kelso are busted. Hyde is able to convince Jackie that he heard about the foreclosure and is here to help until Fez walks in with the beer. Red wants to get busy, so they can all get back to civilization. Jackie's furious with Hyde that he sneaked up to her cabin for a weekend with the guys. He says she's the one who lied about the doll expo. Red and Kitty find Kelso's stash which he'd tried to hide again when they arrived. Eric and Donna are still lost, and he wants an apology before they turn around and go home. Donna rolls her eyes and apologizes, but that's not good enough for Eric. She wants to find a romantic spot, but Eric's not in the mood. Red tells the guys they're in big trouble. He's calling immigration on Fez, calling Kelso's parents and throwing Hyde out. Jackie tells Red he's wrong. It's her stash. Since her dad's been in jail, she's needed something to make her feel better. Hyde thanks Jackie for what she tried to do for him. He's touched by the gesture. That's what people do for people they care about, Jackie tells him. Back at the Forman house, Donna and Eric have patched things up and decide to take advantage of his parents' absence. Everyone returns home just in time for Kitty to look in the window and see Eric and Donna having sex on the Forman kitchen table.

Eric Forman
Topher Grace
Donna Pinciotti
Laura Prepon
Michael Kelso
Ashton Kutcher
Steve Hyde
Danny Masterson
Jackie Burkhart
Mila Kunis
Wilmer Valderrama
Red Forman
Kurtwood Smith
Kitty Forman
Debra Jo Rupp
Bob Pinciotti
Don Stark
Midge Pinciotti
Tanya Roberts
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